The conference

Venue and Date

  • 19 April 2018
  • The University of Edinburgh, Dugald Stewart Building, room 3.10/3.11

Conference theme

The Models of the Mind postgraduate conference focuses on reasoning about oneself and reasoning about other minds. We are interested in how the mind uses models to achieve this and how philosophers and cognitive scientists can use models to explain these abilities. Example topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Dynamic versus static models of the self and other people’s minds (e.g. belief revision about oneself and other people’s mental states);
  • The structure of the self-model and the nature of the target of its representations;
  • The relationship between model-based accounts of the mind and representational accounts;
  • The development of ability to reason about oneself and about other minds in childhood (e.g. the ability to establish a sense of identity and to infer others’ mental states);
  • The role of one’s self-model and models of other selves in individual and joint action planning and collaboration;
  • The sharing of mental states and the role of (linguistic) communication.

We are proud to have Stephen Butterfill (Warwick) as our keynote speaker.

The conference is followed by the next Mind Network meeting at the University of Edinburgh on 20 April 2018. Please register here.


Nicola Damassino, Julian Hauser, and Nina Poth (PhD students in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh), Dr Mark Sprevak (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh).


The conference receives a generous financial support from the Scots Philosophical Association, the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.